We are Church of Tampa Area Naturists!

Are you ready for a spiritual voyage of self-discovery?

Your Voyage…

Do you remember that feeling when you first took the plunge and shed all of your Earthly barriers to become one with all of your natural surroundings? The sun, the air, the water, the sand (maybe mud!)? Was it not a spiritual experience? Of course it was! You were communing with the Sun Spirit, the Air Spirit, the Water Spirit, the Earth Spirit. You were connected with your natural surroundings like never before. You were connected with Mother Nature. You were appreciating the life forces that surround you, the life forces that reside within you, the life forces of all the ancestors who came before you, and all the descendants who will come after you. You were an integral part of all of the life forces here on Earth and within the Universe, and you were ALIVE!!!

This is the spirituality and religion of Naturism.

Welcome aboard!
You’re your own Captain.
It’s your ship; your rules; your uniform (or lack thereof).
Your Birthday Suit is highly recommended. Five stars.
You set your own course; your own heading.
Keep in mind, it’s not the destination; it’s the journey…
Where will the fair winds carry you?
Time to weigh anchor…
Set your sails…
Let your voyage begin!

“I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I will go to it laughing.” Herman Melville, Moby Dick

“I gained a new appreciation & respect for Naturism as a truly spiritual & religious experience!”
– Juan Carlos DePalma

Breezing Up (A Fair Wind)
by Winslow Homer,


Tampa Area Naturists rose from the ashes of the former Beach Travel Club that frequented Honeymoon Island State Park in the 70s and 80s. Coincidentally, it was an incident of discrimination and persecution against Naturists clearly exercising First Amendment protected Free Speech with bandanas reading “FLORIDA NEEDS NUDE BEACHES” at Honeymoon Island State Park on April 15, 1996 that breathed fire into the Tampa area Naturist community and brought about the inception of Tampa Area Naturists (f/k/a Tampa Bay Free Beaches). Tampa Area Naturists was founded by three co-founders; two of them were involved in the discrimination/persecution incident.

The fiery phoenix rose again!

In 2000, Tampa Area Naturists became formally organized with Bylaws and incorporated.


On National Nude Weekend 1997, members of Tampa Area Naturists (f/k/a Tampa Bay Free Beaches) were interviewed by Kathy Unruh of Fox News on the beautiful west-side beach of Fort De Soto County Park. The interview covered the serious cause to establish a small portion (1,000 ft) of beachfront for Naturist use. A small area was cordoned off with large signs reading “FLORIDA NEEDS NUDE BEACHES”, signatures were gathered on a petition, and a poster-size blown up copy of the Florida Supreme Court case McGuire v. State was displayed which concluded,

“Nudity, not in and off itself constitutionally protected activity, is protected as speech only when combined when some mode of expression which itself is entitled to First Amendment protection.”

June 12, 1986. McGuire v. State (489 So.2d 729)

The interview was flawless and professional, and it was done nude (blurred for TV).

The following year on National Nude Weekend 1998, members of Tampa Area Naturists were interviewed once again by Fox News; this time by Nancy Alexander, and this time Ms. Alexander requested that the interview be “light-hearted and fun”. She requested that members play nude volleyball and a game of un-strip poker (where losers face the shame of putting clothes on). Ms. Alexander was acting as the Director, Fox News the Producers, of improvisational comedy theater on the beach (well within First Amendment protections). Pinellas County Sheriffs Office deputies convinced a beach bystander to file a formal complaint about our nudity, so several members were issued Notices To Appear (NTA) to face charges of Disorderly Conduct in Pinellas County Court. All members, except John Palm, settled with the County to avoid trial. Mr. Palm, under the guidance of a Public Defender, chose a bench trial by judge, instead of a jury (Mr. Palm had faced two previous Disorderly Conduct jury trials for nudity in Pinellas County. He was found Not Guilty at both trials). When Mr. Palm took to the stand in his own defense and testified that he was performing as an actor in Director Nancy Alexander’s improvisational comedy beach theater, the judge commented that he was indeed “mildly amused”, but the judge entirely ignored Mr. Palm’s testimony as a comedy actor and found him Guilty of Disorderly Conduct. That verdict was a travesty of justice in Pinellas County. Fox News and Nancy Alexander were not once mentioned or implicated in any way for their roles in Mr. Palm’s Guilty conviction.


The Tampa Bay area has an enormous Naturist community (often referred to as “The Naturist Capitol of the United States”). A one-block stretch of beach is a minimal request considering the extent of the local Naturist population. Of course, Pinellas County has provided a similar section of beach there at Fort De Soto County Park for dogs to defecate and urinate on, but the county cannot see to afford Naturists similar beach use rights (and we use toilets!). In Pinellas County, dogs have more rights than Naturists.


In 2019, Tampa Area Naturists faced its biggest challenge to date: a coup from within. Two new Board Members, having moved to the Tampa Bay area from Miami’s Haulover Clothing-Optional Naturist Section of Beach (founded in 1991), orchestrated a pre-meditated and well-planned coup to overthrow Tampa Area Naturists and eject co-founder John Palm from the Board of the Naturist organization he helped to co-found. Mr. Palm gladly wished to step aside from the role of President (having held the position unwillingly, but by popular demand, for many years), This was not good enough for the coup leaders. They had been promised the return of a former female TAN Board Member under the condition that Mr. Palm must be ejected from the Board. Their grounds for his dismissal? His activities from 1997 & 1998 with Free Speech activism on the beach. Yes, you are reading that correctly. After 21 years of changing course (and following the close advice of Miami Naturist leaders), Mr. Palm was ejected from the Board of the Naturist organization he helped co-found in 1996 based on events from 21 years in the distant past. It gets worse. The leaders of Naturist beach organizations throughout the state of Florida all sided with the coup leaders. Even the leaders of the national Naturist beach organization sided with the coup. After 30 years of what Mr. Palm understood as building trust, respect, friendship and networking with the Naturist beach movement, they all betrayed him. They betrayed him because they were driven by greed and power in the race to lay claim that they were the ones who, after all these years of activism, finally secured a Clothing-Optional Naturist Section Of Beach {CONSOB) for the Tampa Bay area and the first such beach for the entire Gulf Coast of Florida.

The American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR) very nobly came to Mr. Palm’s defense and offered a meeting space where both sides could sit down and work out an agreement. The coup members all refused to attend. They all realized that they had no grounds to stand upon for falsely ejecting Mr. Palm from the very organization he co-founded. The coup leaders returned Tampa Area Naturists to Mr. Palm, but absconded with the membership and held the original TAN website and domain name hostage in exchange for the signature petition rights that had collected 20,000+ signatures in favor of a CONSOB for the Tampa Bay area. Mr. Palm didn’t give in to the blackmail. All those involved in this coup have brought great shame to the Naturist beach community. Their names have been withheld. They have the opportunity to redeem themselves. Whether they do so or not is their free choice and their free will.

Tampa Area Naturists has survived it all…

We are friends again and there is peace.

Final Rebirth

Most Naturists would surely agree,

that the Naturist experience has always felt like a spiritual and/or religious experience. When you shed your outer shell of clothes, you find yourself more closely connected with the natural surroundings around you. You feel the sun, the air, the water, the sand. You feel more. You are communing with Mother Nature. You are communing with the Sun Spirit, the Air Spirit, the Water Spirit, the Earth Spirit. You are communing with all life forces here on Earth; with all life forces in our Universe. You are communing with all of our ancestors who have come before us; you are communing with all our descendants who will carry on the life forces after us. You are at one with the Universe. You are ALIVE!!!


We now understand and have come to the realization through spiritual enlightenment that Naturism IS OUR RELIGION.

We empower ourselves,

and lay claim to full religious rights granted upon us by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to practice Naturism as our chosen religion. Naturism is not exclusive. You can be a Christian Naturist. You can be a Muslim Naturist. You can be a Jewish Naturist. You can be a Hindu Naturist. You can be a Buddhist Naturist. You can be a Humanitarian Naturist. Naturism is well suited to bundling!

February 4, 2024 (2/4/24)

Now represents the Final Rebirth of Tampa Area Naturists. We are now the Church of Tampa Area Naturists. We will christen our new church and our new religion on President’s Day Weekend at the Mid-Winter Naturist Festival at Sunsport Gardens in Loxahatchee, Florida from February 16 – 19, 2024.

 All are welcome to attend the first services of the first church of the first new religion: NATURISM!

Your First Naturist Religious Service Awaits… See You Soon!